Our venue has registered as CovidSafe.

We have implemented all Covid -19 safety plan outlines by the NSW health and NSW Government.

We have absolutely no contact between customers or staff from different food and drink area.

Physical Distancing

  • We have set our seating plan according to the guidelines of 4 m2 per person rules
  • We have stickers notifying patrons to keep 1.5 m physical distancing all the time through out venues including outside.

 Venue capacity 

  •  We are taking Maximum of 10 people per booking or table.
  • We can now sit Maximum of 70 people inside at any one time and 30 people outside 
  • We have COVID-19 Safe Hygiene Marshall appointed during the peak time  to oversee social distancing, cleaning and hygiene at the venue

Hygiene and Cleaning

  • We have sanitising station through out the venue easily accessible, bathrooms are fully equipped with soaps and hand dryer to further accomodate hygiene.
  • We maintain strict deep cleaning of venue each morning everyday and service cleaning done after each service.
  • Laminated menu are given to customer if asked otherwise there are digital menus available in each table using QR code.

Record Keeping

Customer and staff sign-in is mandatory.

  • We have set up QR code Log in at our front door which is strictly applied to all our customers and staff (must sign in )every time before entering the venue and our COVID Hygiene Marshall ensured its been done properly during the peak time.
  • There are enough notices displayed throughout venues, so Cusomers are reminded all the time.

Wellbeing of Staff and Customers

  • We are constantly monitoring updates and guidelines set by NSW Health and NSW Government, so we can provide efficient plan to safe our customers and staff.
  • We asked customer/staff who has fever, cough, sore/scratchy throat, short breathing or any symptoms similar to COVID-19 patients there is no entry in to our Venue and
  • We asked them to isolate themself straightway and seek medicle advise from relevant authorities.